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Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network


Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network

The Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Network is the
first of its kind in Australia, bringing together all teachers nationally
certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead.

This is a new professional network to enable certified teachers to
develop expertise with like-minded professionals from across Australia and work together to share the collective expertise of the Network
with the broader profession.

The Network is an initiative of the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) as the Australian Government looks to further improve and promote quality teaching across the country.

Membership and benefits

Membership to the Network is free and exclusively available to teachers nationally certified as Highly Accomplished or Lead. There is no cost to join, and members will benefit from unique opportunities for collaboration and professional growth. Members are also invited to attend, at no cost, the  Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher Network Summit.


The HALT Network will focus on advancing teacher quality across Australia to improve student learning outcomes for all young people.

To achieve this, the Network will initially focus on the following priorities:

  • raising the profile of, and promoting the value of national teacher certification

  • increasing the number of nationally certified teachers

  • supporting the induction of beginning teachers to the profession, and

  • showcasing and sharing high quality teaching to inspire other teachers to progress to the Highly Accomplished or Lead career stages.

AITSL acknowledges that as members take ownership of the Network, purpose and priorities may change. 

Network steering group

AITSL is working with a steering group of nationally certified teachers from across Australia to shape the Network and summit. The group met face-to-face in Melbourne in September 2015 and June 2016 to collaboratively develop a plan for the Network and design the summit program. Input from this group, as well as from the certifying authorities has been fundamental, and we anticipate ongoing involvement of both members and the certifying authorities as the Network grows.